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  • Funcional manual
  • In order to verify that the systems work correctly, according to the functional specifications or customer requirements, thus reducing production failures. Testing for WEB and Desktop applications.

  • Non-Funcional
    • Browser compatibility
    • Responsive
    • Load / Stress / Performance
    • Security
    • Compliance with WEB standards
  • Mobile Device Testing
  • Performance of functional and non-functional tests on all types of devices, browsers and operating systems to guarantee the quality standards required for this very particular market. Native, WEB, hybrid applications.

  • APIs:
  • Speaking at a high level, our job is to understand how the API works, put together a good combination of input parameters, run the tests against the API, verify the result, and report any deviations from the expected functionality.

  • Automation Testing
  • Transform manual tasks of web applications to automated workflows, optimizing the execution times of repetitive or regression tests, using Selenium Web Driver or Katalon.


    WEB pages according to the client's needs, using development methodologies according to the type of project, technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 / CSS3, Php, WordPress), applying procedures and quality control, in order to provide a product of the highest quality, meeting all customer standards and specifications.

    Business Management

  • IT Platform Outsourcing Project Management.
  • Management of WEB Environment platforms.
  • Analysis, design and management of Business Continuity Projects (BCP).
  • IT Project Management and Development.
  • Consulting and advisory in Projects.
  • Database Administration and Development.
  • Training

    Foundation Level Certified Tester

  • Use a common language for efficient and effective communication with other testers.
  • Understand concepts such as: testing process, testing approaches, principles to support testing objectives.
  • Design and prioritize tests by using techniques; analyze functional and non-functional specifications, at all levels of testing.
  • Run tests according to test plans, and analyze and report results.
  • Write and understandable incident reports.
  • Know different types of test tools and their uses; help in the selection process of the same.
  • Get ready and certificate with us

    Who We Are

    GRUPO A&E SOFTEST is a company founded in Caracas in June 2018, specialized in the area of ​​software quality, development, information technologies, which seeks to reduce risks and costs, create value for the production chain and generate sustainability for our clients. We offer services with technical security, reliability and efficiency.

    After a long journey, with certifications, success stories and courses, Grupo A&E Softest is officially part of the board of ISTQB Silver Partners and ISTQB Accredited Course Providers. Partners Silver ISTQB y Proveedores de Cursos Acreditados de ISTQB.

    This step is the beginning of a path full of challenges ahead, in order to provide our clients with a high quality service with the best quality methodologies available.

    Our mission is to help our clients to face, govern and effectively solve the challenges that their organization faces, developing solutions that demonstrate commitment and quality in all our professional actions, assuming innovation as part of our corporate and day-to-day model.

    Our vision is to be an IT products and services company recognized worldwide for meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers.


    We guarantee that the project objectives meet the expectations of the end user and avoid losses to your business


    We have several features that will help you reduce costs, maintaining the quality of the contracted services:

  • Carrying out early tests on the documentation, allowing the correction of reported defects with less effort and costs.

  • We adapt quickly to the processes, platforms, products, needs and organization of our clients, guaranteeing the smooth development of services.

  • Support in best practices and tools based on our experience, knowledge in the area and ISTQB certification.

  • Help and support our clients in all their requirements within the established deadline.

  • Qualified and certified personnel, with extensive experience in the area of ​​Software Quality and participation in several projects of the main companies in the region, providing the ability to address the growing global demand.

  • Various methods of contracting services.

  • Quality

    Our services are governed by highly recognized international standards (ISTQB), in unique solutions, based on best practices, commercial or open source tools and market technologies adaptable to customer requirements, allowing us to provide excellent quality in each of our activities executed.


    At Grupo A&E Softest, we have a highly specialized, certified and dedicated work team in the area, available at all times to provide effective responses to the needs of our clients.


    The commitment we make to our clients is paramount, therefore, it is essential to provide services in a reliable way. To do this, we comply with what was promised and satisfy all your expectations, responding within the established deadlines and providing high communication of the results on a day-to-day basis.

    Our clients trust Grupo A&E Softest and it is the best example of the reliability of our services.


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